All you and your company need to make e‑learning easy and cost-effective.

Design and interactive templates

The core of the E-learning Made Easy™ service is our interactive templates, which were developed based on proven educational methods. The templates can be adapted to reflect your brand and graphic identity.

Support and coaching

Sometimes you need a helping hand to make progress. We can assist with scripts, image processing and ideas. Our specialists can handle every element of the process, from planning through to final production.

Training from our experienced colleagues

We train you to use the tool and show you the best ways to work with design and interactive templates. We also offer courses in areas such as graphics and education. Put simply, we adapt to suit your needs.

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“Quality and control are essential to us. By working with E-learning Made Easy™ we can efficiently assure the quality of our learning material and make it easy for our customers to gain certification when it suits them.”

Mattias Bengtsson Training and Application Manager, Philips


“Thanks to the E-learning Made Easy™ support team I know I can always turn to someone to get help.”

Katrin Bergmark Competence Development Manager


“TicTac are not just skilled suppliers, but are also a real pleasure to work with.”

Per Welinder Communication Manager


“Right from the first presentation of E-learning Made Easy™ I could see the possibilities and how easy it would be to get started with building our own e-learning programme.”

Karin Minehed HR Development

Meet our colleagues

“E-learning Made Easy™ lets me meet customers on their home ground. My role covers everything from education and coaching to basic script production.”

A script writer at TicTac converts information into an interactive learning material based on established educational methods.

Anna Helmbold Script writer

“E-learning Made Easy™ is a service that lets me help the customer. The aim of course is to make the whole process easy from start to finish – whether customers want to learn to create the material themselves or want a finished product.”

A producer at TicTac is an expert in using the various tools, and specialises in support, training and production.

Andreas Olofsson Producer

“Some customers want help getting started, while others want a streamlined process that lets them place orders easily and efficiently. I basically provide support for the client.”

A project manager at TicTac is involved in the entire e-learning process and tailors it to suit each customer’s needs. This role also includes preparing time plans and cost estimates.

Lisa Tagestam Project Manager

“As a designer my task is to make sure our layout and interactive design maintain a high standard. Ease of learning is always the first priority when I design layouts and adapt them to match the customer’s brand.”

The design team at TicTac specialises in interactive design, graphics, photos and video.

Martin Paulsson Designer