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An e-learning module should not take longer than 20–25 minutes, and a user can process around 110–130 words per minute. Examine all the elements of your e-learning and ask yourself what they actually contribute to the overall result. Sometimes you just have one big subject to cover, so you should divide the training into smaller modules.
By including many interactive elements in your e-learning, you minimise the risk of losing the user’s attention and concentration. Create interactive elements throughout the whole e-learning course and avoid using PowerPoint with voice-overs.
The visual aspect is often neglected in e-learning production, because the educational aspect is prioritised. You can enhance the overall results by working with design templates and processes for e-learning.
Bear in mind that people learn most effectively when they are willing and able to use the knowledge as soon as possible. Only include information that helps the users, rather than worrying that you might have missed something out.
Always keep the users in mind, rather than focusing on impressing your colleagues. The right tone and language are crucial in order for the users to feel that the training is designed for them.

Help getting started

Help getting started

We are currently offering a special deal on workshops to help you get started with your e-learning. Contact us for more information.

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The platform is a fundamental aspect of any e-learning. Here you add end users and group them according to your organisational structure. Our “GO!” platform allows you to easily upload your e-learning course, distribute it and track the results.


Our productions are tailored to your specific needs. We have processes for building a wide variety of cost-effective productions (E-Learning Made Easy), and for creating larger and more ambitious projects (Holistic).

In-house production

Do you want to get started with your own production, or have you already started and need a little help? Our effective E-Learning Made Easy concept has helped many companies and organisations to successfully produce their own professional e-learning courses.